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- Create a journal for your character. We prefer first name last name, but are aware that sometimes these usernames can be taken. In this case, please add the middle initial. Once this is done, go to the profile and add a disclaimer, such as "This journal is for entertainment purposes as a part of greeklife_rp . I am not *celebrityplaybyhere* and no copyright infringement is intended.'

- Once you've created the journal, add all of the characters on the sorority/fraternity directory list, along with the mod journal (greeklife_rp  greeklife_aim  greeklife_text  greeklife_ooc)

- Go to customize journal style, then scroll to basic options and set disable customized comment pages for your journal to yes. You can choose whatever layout you want, but this has to be in place.

- Make a post in the community greeklife_ooc  introducing your character, with a small summary of your application so that other users may comment and you can form plots with their own characters.

- Create an AIM screen name for your character. Please note that although AIM conversations are encouraged between characters, they are not the only form of communication within this game. Add all of the characters from this contact list located here. And don't forget to add in your contact information in the comments!

If you have any other questions regarding your approval and the game, feel free to contact me, Kayla, (tour de terrible) for further guidance.
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