greeklifemod (greeklifemod) wrote,

holds on pbs

If you're thinking of applying, but aren't sure yet or want time to write an application, leave a comment here with the pb and your name and it will be held for you.

**If there is a face used in an application as a part of one character's history that interests you, please contact a mod (tour de terrible) about using that face. You may either get that face cleared or go along with the plot written in that character's application.

**Starting 7/10/10, all faces on the list will be reserved for up to two weeks from the day you reserve it (all faces already on the list now have two weeks). If there is not an application submitted by the end of those two weeks then the face will be released for grabs.

Emma Watson (Vanessa)
Rupert Grint (Julia)
Allison Brie (Kayla)
Hunter Parrish/Darren Criss dealwithitcausei'mreservingthemboth (Kayla)
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