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general synopsis;

Greeklife is a roleplaying game set in Wilmington, North Carolina, that bases around the Greek System of McCord University. There are more than two dozen active chapters at McCord, many of which strive in academics, philanthropy and networking. Our game focuses on just four of these chapters, two being sororities (Zeta Theta Beta, Gamma Alpha Gamma) and two being fraternities (Kappa Epsilon Gamma and Sigma Omicron Beta.)

At the beginning of the school year there is a week called “rush week”, where characters interested in pledging* a greek house go to the house they are interested in to find out more about it. There are usually activities and events set up by the President of the house** designed for the pledges to help potential members see what the house is about in general. At the end of the week, houses will give "bids," or invitations to membership, to a pledge. One student may not pledge two houses at once. After a student has begun to pledge, the pledge educator*** will help them out during their time and will inform them of their duties.

* Pledge: A pledge is a person who is going through a period of pledge-ship to a fraternity or sorority that they are interested in joining. A pledge must always wear a pledge pin, which is a pin of the name of the house they are pledging. If they are caught without this pin, there’s a chance they wont be allowed back into the house. There may or may not be hazing involved, depending on the house your character is pledging. During this time they continue to live into their dorms until they are granted full membership, which is decided by the National Greek Council’s standards, as well as the members of the house in question. In real life this generally takes a semester, but for the sake of the game it will only take two or three months before a pledge is granted full membership into the greek house they are pledging.

** President of the house: there are elections for who will become the president of the given sorority or fraternity held at the end of the school year for the following year. Actives**** are to nominate who they best see fit, and once at least three people are nominated the voting begins for the new president.

***Pledge educator: the pledge educator is one of the most crucial parts of the pledging process. They are who teaches the pledges the rules of the house and is there whenever the pledges need them. They are who organizes the pledge bonding that happens, and are there as a sort of “guidance counselor” for the pledges if need be.

****Actives: actives are members of a sorority or fraternity that have completed the pledging process.

NOTE: if applying for a President/Pledge Educator please contact a mod (tour de terrible) on aim to check that it's okay before posting your application.

greek system;
List of houses to chose from for the game:
*Bold are houses currently in play that you may chose from for your application
*Italicized houses are houses that will be mentioned, but wont be brought into gameplay until we're further along


zeta theta beta
The top sorority based on academics, athletics, and philanthropy.

gamma alpha gamma
A rival sorority house of ZTB often noted for their promiscuity.

sigma epsilon

mu gamma sigma


kappa epsilon gamma
The black sheep of the MU Greeks based heavily on socializing.

sigma omicron beta
The top fraternity based on the academics, athletics, and networking.

psi phi pi

lambda lambda lambda

forms of roleplaying;

1. character journals: Journals are the most important part of gameplay here at greeklife_rp . They're there to boost interaction between characters and to speak to the fellow members of your house privately and all at once. We would like for entries to be as interaction inducing as possible, but an entry could consist of just a few words if that's what your character is feeling like. Similarly, they could have certain private lj cuts for other characters that only the addressed character can read. (In comments, you would label the comment "Private" in order to reply) The same goes for contacting the house as a whole. (In comments, you would label the comment "Private to 'House Name'") You are to update your character journals at least once every two weeks. We'll be lenient with our checks, but if you've gone too long without an update a mod will contact and tell you to update. 

2. community threading: With community threading you will be able to portray the scenes that your character and another or multiple characters will be experiencing. This is the most prominent part of greeklife as it exemplifies your character's dialogue and actions in a format easy enough for other players and lurkers to read as a story. We call this 'threading' and threads will be posted in the greeklife_rp  community. These threads should be written in third person and we expect that you will use proper grammar as well as enough material to give the other person you are threading with to work off of and supply you with a sufficient reply. When posting a thread please set it up as follows:


[lj-cut text="blahblahblah"] Under this text cut will be the thread itself. In the cut text you may use whatever you like, whether it be a lyric, quote, or anything your eager heart desires. [/lj-cut]

Threads are generally initiated by character's conversations through character journals and AIM or text conversations. For example, Mary and Sue were IMing about getting ice cream. One of those two players would then create the thread and the two players would write their replies as if it were an excerpt of a story relating to their character. However you may initiate threads without a second character by creating an open thread, to which any random player may have any character reply. Please note that whenever starting a thread to tag your character and the other characters in the threads' first and last names, and soley that with the exception of pairing names.

3. texting: Just like any other school, the students at McCord University have cell phones with texting capability. When drafting a text in greeklife_text , simply place the name of the character receiving the text message or phone call in the subject line. For this there should be no cut unless sending a picture message. When having a character make a phone call, place quotations around the text and clarify that it is a phone call. Please remember to tag your character and the recipients first and last names in the tags.

4. aim conversations:  One of the most popular forms of character interaction is through AIM, or instant messaging. We require that in addition to your personal screen name you create a character screen name as well (if you obtain multiple characters then you should obtain multiple screen names). If you cannot figure our how to link the two or more screen names, check your aim settings or ask a mod for help and they will try to guide you through setting it up. The screen name may be as creative as you'd like it be. This is one of the easier forms of communication, and we ask that when using it for character conversations that you remain in character. We want everyone to feel comfortable with each other as players so we encourage OOC IMing as well. When finished with a conversation or multiple ones, copy and paste them into a new post in the greeklife_aim community. We ask that you post in HTML, and always put each conversation under a separate cut text with the date at the beginning. The cut text should summarize the conversation. We do ask that you don't constantly use AIM as a form of interaction, as it has a habit of taking over and becoming the only form of interaction in most rpgs.

5. facebook interaction: Facebook is our final method of character interaction. Character facebooks will not be mandatory, but they do allow for the player to develop smaller details about their character (i.e favorite shows, hobbies, etc) as well as the opportunity to use any pictures of your play by that pertain to your character. It's also there to boost interaction between characters that wouldn't usually talk, opening up more room for friendships and relationships in the future. We do ask that you screencap and upload any important conversations had on facebook to the aim community and place it under a cut as you would a conversation, because not everyone will create the facebooks and we wouldn't want anyone left out of important plots.
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