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welcome to the greek life


Welcome to McCord University of North Carolina. Now that you’re a college student, your entire life is about to change. You’ll now be faced with decisions that actually matter. What are you going to major in? Where do you go from here? What are you going to do with your life? These are all questions that nobody wants to face alone, but where are you going to find friends right off the bat? At greeklife_rp every student can be matched with a family, a home.

Whether you’re an incoming freshman looking to pledge a fraternity or sorority, or an active member of a house, there is always a spot in one of our chapter houses for you. The first of our four most popular houses is the Sigma Omicron Beta fraternity. Based on academic and athletic achievements, the SOBs carry their title as the campus’ most prestigious house, with an almost scotch free record and some of the school’s most charming and attractive quote-on-quote ‘bachelors’.  Zeta Theta Beta plays a role as the SOB’s sister sorority, matching their academic and social networking achievements. The ZTBs maintain a clean and classy reputation, involve themselves in community programs and share the competitive gene with the SOBs.

However, there are the houses that prefer to stick to the other end of the spectrum and capture the essence of what college really is: one big party. Being the SOBs top opposing fraternity, Kappa Epsilon Gamma bases their top priority on what goes onto their social calendar. With the reputation of being the biggest partying house, the KEGs often throw the largest parties and put education in second place. Just as the SOBs have the ZTBs, the KEGs have their own sister sorority, the Gamma Alpha Gamma sorority. Known for being the ZTBs biggest rival home, the GAGs also carry the name for being to most promiscuous house on campus, putting their social lives first in most cases. 

So get to know these houses before you make a bid because you’ll be spending and sharing more than just time with these girls and boys over the next four years. This is your family, choose wisely!


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