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- At the McCord State University Greek System, we're here to play and have fun. To keep this fun consistent, we ask that you treat other players with the same respect you wish to be treated with. Any problems that one player may have with another should stay outside of the game, or preferably cease. If any player finds themselves having difficulty with any other player out of character, feel free to contact a mod right away and the situation will be dealt with.
- Godmodding is a big no-no here. No person appreciates another controlling and making decisions for their characters. The only exception for saying what a character not played by you has done is if the player of said character gives permission.
- Although you may know plots that will happen eventually, your character does not. Unless your character is struck by lightning and is miraculously able to predict the future, please don't have them predict things that will happen. People have usually decided on plots and it sucks to have them screwed with. Also, try not to assume things (unless it's completely in character). When in doubt, send a message to another player out of character and figure out whether or not your character knows something or not. If not, contact a mod and we can
- Grammar, spelling and punctuation are necessary when replying to threads. Although we all make mistakes, try to re-read or even spell check things before posting them to the threading community.
    - Similarly, feel free to type as you think your character would when responding to other journals or posting one of their own.
- Strive to remain active! We all know that everybody has lives and things they need to do on a day to day basis, but please try to post a journal for your character(s) at least every two weeks. We look at active as actively replying to journals and keeping conversations going, as well as participating in threads, not only having many conversations through aim.
- Players are allowed a maximum of two characters at this time. This may change at any time, and circumstances can also change if your activity is up. If you feel as though can take on a third or even fourth character without problems, contact a mod and we'll review your activity.
- Although plotting is crucial to any rpgs, please remember that pregnancy/abortion/marriage plotlines should not be a regular occurrence. In fact, if players are hoping to participate in a plot like that, please send an im to a mod and run it by them first to be approved. They can happen, and given the nature of this rp probably will, but we don't want it to be a regular occurrence.
    - Note: only one set of twins will be accepted at this time. Once there is one set, we wont be accepting any more until the character numbers go up. Contact a mod if you're thinking about applying as twins.
- Mods have the right to change any of these rules at any given time.
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